Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers research, design, manufacture, and test all kinds of mechanical things: tools, engines, machines, and other devices. They study materials, heat and energy transfer, manufacturing technologies, among other things to design machines and tools that will meet all the requirements for a particular job.


Mechanical engineers need a bachelor's degree. Most have mechanical engineering degrees.


Mechanical engineers work in all areas of manufacturing industries. They can work in production operations, maintenance, management, as well as research and development. Some provide engineering services as consultants in research, design, or testing of technologies. The environment and hours they work will vary with the job.


You are a Mechanical Engineer, if you:

  • Are good at analysis and logical problem solving 
  • Like to work independently 
  • Like to learn new things 
  • Are realistic about how to get things done
  • Are good with mechanical things and spatial relationships 
  • Can explain things so other will pay attention and understand them 


The average annual salary for an entry-level mechanical engineer $63,170.*


  • Design “smart” toys for kids
  • Develop cars that are more fuel efficient
  • Produce hypoallergenic air conditioning for hospital operating rooms<
  • Create prosthetic hands that allow a person to type and write
  • Build aerospace vehicles to trek across planets and moons, collecting samples
*Source: 2015
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