Electrical and Electronic Engineer

Electrical engineers work with electricity in its many forms - from the electrons to the large scale magnetic fields. In addition to designing new products, they construct, operate, and maintain a wide variety of electrical systems and equipment. Some specialize in electronics, others in even more specific areas, like space communications or industrial robotics.


Electrical engineers need a bachelor's degree. While some have degrees in advanced physics or electronics, most have electrical engineering degrees.


Electrical engineers usually work 40-hour weeks, but can work longer hours on projects with pressing deadlines or in emergency situations. They often work on teams with other engineers and scientists and can find jobs in industry, government, universities, or in consulting.


You are an Electrical Engineer, if you:

  • Like to be exposed to a steady stream of new information 
  • Can communicate well
  • Like to make things work efficiently 
  • Like math and science 
  • Are curious about the world around you 
  • Like to ask a lot of questions 
  • Like to learn 
  • Want to know how things work
  • Enjoy reading 
  • Like to travel 
  • Can set priorities and organize your time 


The average annual salary for an entry-level electrical engineer is $62,931.*


  • Invent better MRI scanners, allowing doctors to see even more clearly inside a patient’s body
  • Create special effects for the movies
  • Design cell phones that work more reliably and have more features
  • Develop artificial retinas for the blind
  • Work on satellite communications systems that connect people around the world
*Source: Salary.com 2013
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