2007 Engineering's Grand Challenges



Congratulations to our winners!  We had many great essays this year.  Thank you to all who participated.


Often the work of engineers can make a big difference in society, and sometimes their work can affect millions or even billions of people.  In the last 100 years engineers have changed the world with advances our great grandparents could only have imagined.  Technology has allowed us to explore the galaxy, provide safe drinking water and food to millions of people, and communicate across the globe.  But the work is not yet finished.  The most pressing world needs demand engineers who are creative and persistent.  Think about what life will be like on earth in the next 100 years.  What do you believe are the most critical human needs?  How might engineers contribute to meeting these needs?  These are Engineering’s Grand Challenges.  In 500 to 750 words write about the Grand Challenge that you believe will lead to the most important breakthrough of the 21st century and describe the role that engineers will play in meeting that challenge and building our future.


Middle School – Grades 6-8

First Place
Elizabeth K. Cole - 6th Grade - Virginia
Biomedical Engineering: Improving and Protecting the Quality of Life

Second Place
Salome Dewell – 8th Grade - Washington

Third Place
Soyoung Claire Park – 7th Grade - Oregon
Reducing Global Fossil Fuel Emissions and Greenhouse Gases

Honorable Mention
Damian Rosales - 6th Grade - Massachusetts
Engineering’s Grand Challenge


High School – Grades 9-12

First Place
Seth Edward Gordon – 10th Grade - Maryland
Electromagnetic Launch Systems

Second Place
Christina Xiaoyue Chen – 11th Grade - Washington
Solar Power for the Increasing Population

Third Place
Seth M. Kohler – 9th Grade- Vermont
Harnessing the Energy of the Sun

Honorable Mention
Hannah Dwyer - 9th Grade - South Carolina
Urban Sprawl

Honorable Mention
Adria Griffin - 10th Grade - Ohio
The Grand Challenge of Medical Engineering

Honorable Mention
Alexis Lane Fennessy
- 12th Grade - New York
The Grand Challenge: How Engineers Will be Saving our Future