2004 Engineering is a Dream Career Essay Contest Winners

2004 Engineering is a Dream Career Essay Contest

The National Academy of Engineering and the EngineerGirl! website, in conjunction with the Invention Assembly (http://web.mit.edu/invent/assembly.html), are pleased to announce the winners of the Engineering is a Dream Career Essay Contest. (Read the contest details) Many bright students submitted essays to the contest and judges had a wonderful time reading them.

There were so many creative and entertaining ideas that we are confident that the kids of today will make excellent engineers of tomorrow.

Below you will find authors of the winning essays. We gave prizes to the top three essays in two age categories (4th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade).

4th - 8th grade:
First place
Sudhandra Sundaram; Richland, WA
The BioCard

Second place
Kelsey Weisberg, Michael Kirbitz, Oliver Darzi, Justin DeSousa; Grand Blanc, MI
Manufactured Exoskeleton

Third place
Cassidy Wagner; McHenry, IL
Protect Yourself

9th-12th grade:
First place
Dewi Harjanto; Irvine, CA
The Story of Operation Vac

Second place
Katie Rucky; Upper Marlboro, MD
My Best Friend Speaks a Different Language

Third place
Stephen Hill; Lakeland, FL
Repulsorlift Rises to Win Nobel Prize