Homework Help

Egirl   Team Posted on July 26, 2012 by Egirl Team
Homework Help

Struggling to get through a mountain of homework?  Seek out help where you can.  This is a collection of websites that you might find useful when you need help with a homework assignment. 

  • Khan Academy
    Great videos on just about any subject to help you understand the concepts.  Watch, practice, and learn almost anything for free!  You can even save a profile and earn digital badges to demonstrate to others how much you have learned.
  • BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
    An extensive list of helpful websites to help you find what you need.
  • Homework Spot
    Yet another collection of links divided into subjects and topics.
  • Ask Dr. Universe
    This site provides answers to many different questions submitted by site visitors. Ask Dr. Universe is supported through Washington State University.
  • Fact Monster Homework Help
    Find useful information by subject area, tips to improve your note-taking and study skills, and ways to improve upon your writing techniques.
  • Chemistry: WebElements Periodic Table
    The periodic table on the World Wide Web.
  • Government & History: The Avalon Project
    This collection of digital documents covers history, politics, government, and law.
  • Math: WebMath Check your homework or read through examples of how to solve problems from adding fractions in pre-algebra to figuring derivatives in calculus.

The websites above are just a start.  You can also seek out help from classmates, teachers, your parents or anyone else who may know the material.  Where do you generally turn when you need help with your homework?  

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