Special Note to Parents and Teachers

The goal of this contest is to spark interest in engineering and to encourage students to explore the many ways that engineers have impacted our world. If you are interested in additional information and resources for helping your children or students in this endeavor please explore the EngineerGirl website.  You may specifically wish to visit the Parents' or Educators' pages.

Resources for You

Check out our page of Additional Links for the 2013 Essay contest for resources to better understand the diseases highlighted by this contest.  These are good starting points for students researching a topic for their essays.  We've also found several lesson plans that are relevant to the theme for this year's content at Teach Engineering, an online resource for teachers interested in providing students with hands-on lessons.  Here are some plans you might find useful:


Special Note about Privacy and Personal Information

Personal information is requested from students entering the contest so that the National Academy of Engineering can contact winners and recognize their achievement. This information is not shared with other organizations.  If you have questions or concerns about our privacy statement or about this contest, please contact us at:

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