Jennifer Vilbig

Current Position: at Vilbig & Associates

A day in my life: As a consulting civil engineer in land development, my days vary greatly. I have many different tasks to completely on any given day including meetings, site visits, calculations, drafting, planning, writing reports or reviewing regulations.

I typically have a project meeting at the beginning of the week to discuss all of the issues and deadlines associated with the current projects I am assigned. I occasionally have to make site visits to meet with the client or a surveyor. I also occasionally have to meet with city staff to discuss regulations and requirements for projects. I enjoy the variety of types of projects that I get to work on as well as the different locations. I have designed a warehouse and dormitories at an air force base in the middle east, a hanger at a base in the south pacific as well as many industrial and commercial projects in Texas. I have updated piping and instrumentation diagrams for natural gas compress sites, which required site visits to verify locations of piping, valves & other equipment.

For most projects, I design everything outside the building such as the water pipelines, fire hydrants, sewer pipelines, storm drain inlets and pipelines, detention ponds, parking lots, sidewalks and roads. I work closely with architects and other engineers on a daily basis to coordinate design elements. Engineering consulting is a dynamic field, each project challenges you in new and exciting ways!