What challenges did you face now and in school?

What were your challenges in school when you decided to major in engineering? What challenges do you face today as a women having a non traditional profession?
posted by Aliscia, Grand Prairie on November 5, 2012

Answer by Ms Marie P Louis

Hello Aliscia,

My first challenge was that no one in my family had majored in engineering, and I knew from day one that the classes would be challenging. Good thing Mathematics and Physics were my best subjects. Secondly, engineering is a field in which men are dominant. I was aware that going into engineering I would end up more than likely working with guys. So I made up my mind to stay on top of things and not to be intimidated by maleness but maintain the same level a of alertness with them.

Now after reaching the level of schooling I am at, I am determined to keep my focus and face these challenges bravely in order to achieve my dream of becoming a professional engineer and be an active participant in looking for answers to questions that beset the world in my field. I hope I have answered your questions. Feel free to let me know if you have further questions.

Best regards,