Strategic choice between civil and geology

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I am currently a freshman at Pasadena City College and I am debating between Civil Engineering and Engineering Geology. I noticed that the majors are similar in their course work, however I can't decide which one I would prefer more. I myself am also artistic and mathematically inclined. I like the idea of working with structures and possibly incorporating my artistic side into the career. For engineering Geology, it also has an emphasis on Civil/ Enviro Engineering, but is dealing more with the Earth and possible hazards with construction.(Which I also find to be very interesting and I like how it is outdoors) I know that which ever one I choose I want to go to UCLA for the major. I am concerned though because UCLA's admission or Civil is very difficult. The intimidating admission rate makes me wonder if Engineering Geology would be a good alternative if I feel that I am not competitive enough for admission into Civil. What do think?
posted by Jennifer, Monrovia on December 2, 2013

Answer by Melanie Cragnolin

Hi Jennifer:  It is always good to have a back-up plan.  Apply for Civil Engineering as a first choice and Engineering Geology as a second choice.  Either way, they are both excellent majors.  And you may even find that you change majors again!