Animation with Engineering

I am a girl who has finished my 12th in chennai and i want to do engineering (IT,EC,COMPUTER) or any other kind of engineering and i also love to do animation especially 2D AND 3D ANIMATION or any other kind. will animation be helpful for me in engineering?
posted by muntariq, india on March 29, 2012

Answer by Ann Syrdal

Dear Muntariq, I'm happy to respond to your question. First, I think it's important for a person to work on something they enjoy. It makes a big difference to one's satisfaction in life and commitment to work. Both are worthwhile goals in themselves, but they also tend to correlate with career success. In addition, there should be many exciting and creative possibilities (for example, in technology, education, or entertainment) for someone like you to combine your joint interests in animation and computer engineering. I recently saw a video that uses computer animation in a way that you might find inspiring. I wish you all the best in your career and life, -- Ann Syrdal