Can I go from Aerospace Engineering to being a pilot?

Hi Jenni! My name is Nameera, and I'm from India. I am a freshman in high school and I'm totally interested in aerospace engineering and piloting. Actually I want to become a pilot. Can I pursue it after studying aerospace engineering? Please help me.. I was totally inspired by the interview given by you!
posted by NAMEERA, CHENNAI on December 15, 2013

Answer 1 by Jennifer Polivka

Hi Nameera,

I'm not the person you asked this question specifically to (although my name is pretty close, right?) but I wanted to respond because your question is something I maybe know a little bit about.

My husband's brother has always been interested in being a pilot. He studied aeronautical/astronautical engineering in college and now works for an aerospace company, but he also continued to take pilot lessons.  So yes, I think you can study aerospace engineering and continue on to becoming a pilot!

Best of luck,

Answer 2 by Jenni Glauser

Hi Nameera!!!

I'm so glad you're excited about aerospace engineering!  I think it's a wonderful career choice! ;-)

I think you can become both an engineer and a pilot.  Once you get into college you will be able to meet with the advisers and discuss the courses that will help you achieve both of those goals.  When you are looking at what schools to apply to you might want to consider schools that provide both courses.  Hopefully there will be some overlap in the classes so you can work both simultaneously.  But I think your best bet will be to contact the schools directly and ask these questions.

I really don't have much knowledge about becoming a pilot.  I have several friends (some even engineers) who got their small engine pilot's license as a hobby.  They really enjoyed flying, and I bet you will too.  I think you're awesome and you can do it!!!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer 3 by Zahra Khan


I think studying aerospace engineering gives you an edge when becoming a pilot because you understand how everything works so intimately.

If you are interested in piloting as a hobby, you can take flying lessons anytime. Though be aware that these are often quite expensive.

Several people I know have also gone to commercial flight school after studying aerospace engineering and become airline pilots, etc.