How to prepare for a space career

Hi! I want to be a design engineer for NASA. I already have started building robots to practice. Is there anything else I could do to prepare for designing space equipment?
Seventh grader,
posted by Sydney, Atlanta on January 3, 2014

Answer 1 by Zahra Khan

If there is a model rocket club where you live, you could try joining that. 
Take lots of math and science in school. 

You could also see if there is a cube sat (cube satellite) club in your area. 
For example, there is this one in California:

When you reach high school, check out this robot competition:

In Atlanta, you can try contacting the aerospace engineering department at GeorgiaTech to see if they may have any programs for students at your level:

Good luck!

Answer 2 by Dr Seetha Raghavan

Dear Sydney,

First of all I must congratulate you on two things: making goals and coming up with a plan to realize it. This is amazing! You have the makings of a successful design engineer and a great leader and all of this in the 7th grade. 

Building robots is an excellent way to learn about design engineering.
There are also good resources to learn about opportunities for design engineers on the NASA website and the 
website for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Askpolaris is an AIAA website that has resources for future aerospace engineers like you. 
Look out for design competitions at your local area or through the nearby universities.

Design engineers are very good at working in teams since they have to work with people from various engineering disciplines to make the project successful. If you are involved in any projects where you work in a group setting in school, that's good training for the future.

Good luck!