Work Environment for Software Engineers

I want to know how is the work environment in software houses for females. Is there any kind of discrimination with women or not? e.g. to give the programming part of the system to the boys and designing and other management work to females? Is that true?
posted by Rabia, Pakistan on March 29, 2012

Answer by Ms Sameena Shah

The work environment in software companies is thoroughly professional. I have never faced or heard about any discrimination of this kind. I would say that nowadays software companies are the best place for women to work in. One is not required to run around, you can work from the comfort of an office or even your own home, and several companies offer flexible hours policy. I would say that the difference can be in this form: Generally when girls graduate the culture in our countries expects them to get married soon. Hence several of us are never able to put in as many hours in working and networking as our male counterparts. This may result in men progressing up the ladder faster. But on the other hand, the lack of women in senior positions has put pressure on senior management to promote better sex ratio for top positions; this makes it easier for motivated women to get promoted quickly :) Sameena.