The Importance of English Class in Engineering

my dad was a civil engineer. Because of that, I really love civil eng. However, I am really interested in biomedical engineering. I want to go in that career, but I am little afraid because of my english. I am really good at math and physics. I do love science but because of English sometimes I have a really hard time with those subjects. I was wonder if is there any engineer job which dont have to require a lot of communication and writting.
posted by ly on March 28, 2012

Answer by Colista Freeman

Ly, There are so many career options in engineering. The more technical options, such as design, may require less writing than other areas, but verbal and written communication is still important. There are many wonderful, smart, and successful engineers who are continuing to improve their English skills. In my experience, engineers are a very diverse group of individuals, and I have worked well with people for whom English is a second (or third) language. I would urge you not to limit yourself because you arenn?????????????????????????????????????????????t yet confident in communication and writing! There are plenty of people who will be willing to help you (in college and your career) with English, while you can help them with math and physics (and I have experienced this myself). Personally, I think the diversity of the people in engineering is one of the benefits of the field! Colista