What is it like to be an engineer?

What is it like to be a engineer? Have you discovered any medicine to cure problems?
posted by Emilee, Flat Rock on May 20, 2014

Answer by Dr Kay C Dee

Hi, Emilee,
I really like being an engineer.  I like to solve problems, I like to learn new things every day, I like to understand how things work, I like to make things - and, since I teach engineering, I get to help other people learn to do all of those cool kinds of things!  What could be a better career??  I can't think of one.
I have to admit that I have not personally discovered any medicine to cure a disease.  But - medicines aren't generally discovered by one person working alone - they are developed by people (engineers, scientists, and doctors) who all work together to come up with and test ideas.  I have personally done some research that helped other engineers, scientists, and doctors get a better understanding of how cells interact with biomaterials, mechanical forces, and different kinds of biochemicals... so I like to think that I have contributed to the knowledge of the people who read my research reports, and that when they come up with great ideas for medicines, I contributed in a very small way to their good work!!
Thanks for asking!