Mechanical Engineering or Computer Engineering?

i m confused making a choice between mechanical eng and computer eng. i want to know more about these two fields. n as to which one is more suitable as a future career being a female. i m more inclined towards mechanics dealing with motions n applications rather than electromagnetic parts of physics. plz do suggest me about the same...
posted by namrata, india on March 28, 2012

Answer by Kara Cox

I highly recommend mechanical engineering, especially if you are more interested in dynamics (motions). I doubt that it is easy to be a female engineer in any industry and I think you should stick with what you find most interesting. Mechanical engineering opens you up to almost any type of engineering job. Any company that does any kind of engineering work always needs a mechanical engineer. For example, I was hired by Lockheed Martin as a mechanical engineer and went on to work as a aeronautical engineer for them. Mechanics is the basic stepping stone for all engineering disciplines. This gives you the most options for your future. Plus, if you already feel an affinity for mechanics you will find it much easier to stay with in the future when things get tougher to understand. Best of Luck! Kara Cox