Engineers Working With Animals

Hi my name is Morgan I am 9 years old I want to know if there are engineering jobs that involve taking care of animals?
posted by Morgan on March 29, 2012

Answer by Professor Melissa Knothe Tate

Dear Morgan, You asked whether there are engineering jobs that involve taking care of animals. Indeed, some engineering jobs involve taking care of animals. For example, an old colleague of mine designs hip implants for dogs! You may not ever have considered that house pets get old and their joints get frail, just like humans. Some pet owners take their pets to the hospital to replace their joints, and engineers design, test, and develop manufacturing methods for those replacement joints. Also, any agricultural jobs involving livestock or farm animals could potentially involve engineering, including engineering of equipment but also genetic engineering to develop livestock breeds that are particularly resistant to disease and that produce superior meat, for instance. Also, some of the earliest biomechanics studies involved photographing horse movement to determine gait patterns during running and walking. Virtually any creative endeavor can potentially involve engineering! Thanks for your excellent question, MKT