Going back to school for engineering

It was such a pleasure to come across your profile. I am an educator at a underprivileged Title I school in Macon Ga. I also, am the founder of PinkSTEM.org which is an after school organization to bridge the gap for girls and minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I was especially drawn to you with your graduation from Tuskegee. I was stationed in Montgomery Al as an Air Traffic Controller and was unfamiliar with the programs offered at Tuskegee. I am interested in going back to school for a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I wanted to hear your thoughts.
Best Regards,
Tamika, Ed. S
posted by Tamika, PinkSTEM.org/ Atlanta Ga on July 14, 2013

Answer by Crystal Harris

Tuskegee University has an excellent graduate degree program in Electrical Engineering as well as Mechanical Engineering. Most impressive of them all is the Material Science Doctorate degree program. Because it’s a fairly new program, there are some pretty amazing research opportunities to pursue and outstanding staff and faculty to work with you. I would encourage you to pursue either of these programs and take full advantage of the summer opportunities offered. Here is a link to the graduate program site for Tuskegee University.

Best Regards, Crystal.