Liz-Hasbleydi Guzmán Maldonado

Liz-Hasbleydi Guzmán Maldonado

Electrical Engineer: Majored in Electronics. Minored in Computers Science
Creative progress
Orange County, CA, United States
Liz-Hasbleydi Guzmán Maldonado
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Contact Info
Who I am: Liz-Hasbleydi Guzmán Maldonado De Langlois. I am from Bogota, Colombia and US citizen,  independent fashion model with a background in engineering with vision in starting my own company (Aesthetics+Fashion+Technology)   :)  My teachers, family and friends define me as a renaissance woman or polymath. Gifted with many talents such as: creativity, analytical thinking, spirituality, and sensibility. The interest in many things including: entertainment, technology, entrepreneurship, fashion, art, sports, philanthropy, and humanitarianism. My work as engineer: In Citigroup (Citibank) I monitored, reviewed and supported the network systems and telecommunications. In Anditel outsourcing of BP (British Petroleum Company) I worked on planning, documentation, drawings using AutoCAD and implementation of satellite and radio microwave links on the pipeline in Colombia. In MCI WorldCom-IT&S I worked on outsourcing participation in implementation and support in satellite systems (Andrew Antenna) and for Motorola-Outsourcing I did system analysis, troubleshooting radio wave links and repeater stations. Why and how I decided to be an engineer: I was good with analytical thinking and had a creative mind, and engineering gave me the option of combining them to make ideas into reality and using them in the real world. When I started there were few women in my classes. I was awarded a scholarship for academic performance. My vision: As a future entrepreneur I realize that being an engineer and a fashion model with appreciation for art, design and performing arts have some common points such as aesthetics, class, and timeless results. I want to integrate those and make a product related to both that will contribute to society and the world. Where I am from: I was born in Bogota, Colombia.  My heritage is a mix of Native-Chibcha from Colombia with Spanish and German-English cultures. My country of origin is a rich combination of cultures. What languages I know: I love to interact with other cultures and that inspires me to learn languages and read literature and biographies from other parts of the world. I speak Spanish, English, Basic French and I understand Portuguese and Italian. What people who know me think of me: Most people say I am futuristic, a visionary who integrates new ideas, an accomplished dreamer, analytical, a risk taker, loyal, honest, ethical, adventurous, humble and leader who inspires to others to be the same. Causes I care about: Autism Speaks, Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Children, Education, Environment, Health, Science and Technology. Future Goal: I would like to be a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.    "You can be creative in anything - in math, science, engineering, philosophy - as much as you can in music or in painting or in dance"...     Always be a work that progress and love what you do:) BTW, if you're looking for something fun to play around with, try out this game I developed for one of my classes.
Universidad Francisco Jose De Caldas. Bachelor Science Electronic-Electrical Engineer. Majored: Electronic Engineering with an emphasis on telecommunications (satellite links,RF), digital data transmission (signal processing)and wireless communication (Cellular Network Systems) Minored: Computer engineering. Computer science and software engineering. Computer Network Systems. Finances, economy, management and leadership
Answers by Liz-Hasbleydi Guzmán Maldonado

Hello Melissa, :) 

Thank you for your kind words and interest in me. I am a Renaissance woman. That means I have many talents as well as focus and results. In Colombia our education has a very European influence (Spain, England, France, Germany and Italy), and they taught us to develop our talents to the maximum. We studied from 7 am to 4 pm every day, and after that we might do homework or complimentary research or studies. Our classes had strong academic, sports, humanitarian, spiritual and philosophical influences. We read a lot. I learned at a young age that engineering and art are related. In my opinion, the beauty of nature can be expressed by numbers and science in mathematical and practical ways. Everything that you see around is in harmony, and that is art. For some reason in United States they force you to follow only one specialty in education. They consider it a sign of focus, but I disagree. I believe that we can be multi-focused and also be productive. That is my theory. Everything that I have done has required a lot of time, dedication, passion and sacrifices. 

About your questions:
-I wanted to know if you modeled while going to school? And if so, how did you manage your time? 
I was offered a modeling job at the start of my engineering studies, but I decided to focus on school full-time to be the best that I could. I studied during vacation as well, and I never had weekends off or vacation or family time, because engineering in Colombia is highly competitive and very male dominated. I needed to work harder to be noticed in a professional way. I did some modeling jobs and choreographies part-time during my school, and I took up modeling again full time at the end of my degree. To stay focused I practice meditation to organize my mind, exercise to keep in shape, and I eat a healthy diet. 

-Would you recommend to me any tips on how to go about pursuing my passions and how to balance school and extracurricular activities? 
Pursuing your passions always come from following your heart. Be proud of being a woman and of your femininity. Be a classy lady. Prioritize your interests. Analyze the pros and cons of any situation. Be nice to others and be sincere about it. We can make this world better. 
Sincerely, Liz :) 

Ikram, At university level for Electrical Engineering program  is not expected to have high experience in computer programming when you start. The focus in Electrical Engineering will be calculus, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc and over the course of 4 years many other classes around to the application of those theories. Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. In Electronic Engineering the programming (process of Coding) is part of your freshman year classes but not the main focus of the career. If you are interest to learn about programming to have more knowledge before your university studies is up to you. :)