Do environmental engineering jobs involve being outdoors?

Does your job (or other environmental engineering jobs) involve being outdoors a lot of the time?
posted by Hallie, Cumberland, MD on February 22, 2014

Answer by Jennifer Oltman

Yes, absolutely Hallie. This was one of the reasons I wanted to become an environmental engineer. I know that I didn't want to always be sitting behind a desk! It depends what kind of career path you choose for yourself, but I knew I wanted to work outdoors. Since graduation from college about 10 years ago, I have had three different jobs. My first job out of college was dealing directly with remediation, site clean up contaminants, etc. This position allowed me time out of the office for things like investigative sampling. My second position was as a consulting engineer. I worked to design dam structures, infiltration basins, wetlands, and streambanks. I was able to be outdoors quite often (but not all the time) with this position as well, for things like inspections or observing construction activities. With my current position, I am outside the majority of the time. I now strictly oversee the construction of dams and I travel to various locations around the State.