Getting started in environmental engineering

Hi! I am a high school junior, and I really want to become an environmental engineer, but I also want to major in renewable energy. Do you think this is a good pairing? And what should I do to work towards environmental engineering? I am in FFA, and I participate in everything I can environmentally. And I am planning on doing a tire recycling drive for my county next fall. I am also enrolled in college classes, and I am trying to get an internship with the state park I live by.
posted by Emily, Williamsport on March 19, 2014

Answer by Dr. Stephanie C. Bolyard

Yes I think environmental engineering will give you an excellent foundation to pursue renewable energy. Courses covered in an environmental engineering curriculum will be beneficial as you will understand the full implications of various forms and applications of renewable energy. I believe your involvement in FFA, tire drive, and enrolling in college courses are all great steps towards pursuing an environmental engineering degree. I would assume you are already ahead of your peers preparing for your college career based on your involvement and preparation academically.