Getting attention with an online application

Will be graduating this semester with Bachelors in Engineering - Aerospace. Have had intense and fantastic real internships at NASA Goddard Mission Systems, APL Space department working on Mercury mission, Computer System App. for a small company to provide estimates to customers on materials, and high school voluntary intern to monitor mission flight statistics.

Wondering if you have any suggestions to get attention from the aero or space companies like Boeing, Lockheed, etc. I am typically asked to submit a resume online.

posted by Nitin, University of Maryland at College Park on February 9, 2014

Answer by Mrs Beth A Jones

The best alternative to posting resumes online, is to participate in your university’s career days.  Generally, these larger companies will interview right on campus.  Then invite you to a site tour if you pass through the first round of interviews.  Make sure your resume is proofed thoroughly, as I have seen countless engineers resumes with errors that spell check doesn’t catch.