Software or Aerospace Engineering?

Hello! First, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I'm a little confused on what I should major in. I really want to create software for space craft but I'm not sure if I should study Software Engineering or go into Aerospace/Astronautical Engineering. I enjoy programming more than anything but space fascinates me as well. Is there a way to combine the two or would one be better than the other?
Thank you for your time,
posted by Oyenbhen (Joy), Riverside, CA on February 18, 2014

Answer by Amelia Scharrer

Hi Oyenbhen - I am so glad you wrote in.  So I will admit I know very little of software design, but I do know a little about aerospace engineering.  If you want to design software regardless of where it goes, I would look into software engineering.  I also encourage you to find a university that has both programs, because than you can talk with the professors about the possibility of a dual degree or a minor. You can also take classes in both programs and make sure you enjoy the work. Also if you love space why not look at astronomy as hobby, most universities have a telescope and an astronomy club.