Muslim women working in the Aerospace industry

Hello, I read your reply to a different question about muslim women working in the Aerospace industry. I am currently a sophomore doing Chemical Engineering, but I really wanted to switch to Aerospace Engineering, yet my parents claim that I won't be able to do anything with my degree since I am a muslim girl and I wear a scarf. Is this true? How can I convince them otherwise? Thank you.
posted by Mariam , Phoenix on December 13, 2013

Answer by Zahra Khan

Salaam Mariam,
Myself and other Muslim women in aerospace I know are living proof that this isn't true :-)

I encourage you to switch your major to something you really love and aerospace is a really exciting field.

As for how to convince your parents, perhaps going to an appointment at your school's career office with your parents might be helpful.  You're also welcome to check out and share my website about my work with your family. My contact info is there in case they have any questions for me.

My website is: