What are the best technology courses for a high school student interested in software?

Hello I am currently an 8th grade student and I have some interest of being a software engineer. So my question is, what classes should I take in high school? My high school has classes that build up into knowing how to program and the classes are:
IT 2 Cisco Networking part 1,
IT 3 Cisco Networking part 2,
IT 4 Workstation/server OS,
and finally Computer Programming- Java/visual basic.
But I'm also wondering if I should take engineering classes and those classes are:
pre- engineering,
3D Engineering and Design,
architectural engineering and design,
and engineering design.
The ones that are all caps are the only classes that I can take in 9th, and I only can have two electives and I'm using one of those for Spanish so my overall question is which classes should I take to get into a job in software engineering? Thank you.
posted by alec , Carlisle on January 28, 2014

Answer by Elizabeth Pedzinski

 Very good question! There are many types of engineering, have you been able to explore different types? If not, Foundations of Technology Education would be good. Just talking about software engineering taking the Java class would be best, so if there are prerequisite for that class I would take those. These are just my suggestions of classes that would have helped me for college, but with that said I didn't take any programming classes until I entered Rose-Hulman. So don't be discouraged if you don't get into these classes or don't take them at all.

There are also things you can do outside of school to learn coding languages and software practices. www.codecademy.com is a great resource to learn different languages. code.org is another possibility.

Hope this helps! Don't hesitate to ask anything.