Can I work for you when I grow up?

Can I work for you when I grow up? I think I would be a great fit for your company.

I am 8 years old and I just saw your toys. I want to work in toy design or in green architecture engineering after I go to college.

I have built things all my life.

This is my first grade science project ( that actually inspired a British toy company to design the Robot Girl Lottie doll. They sent me one.

This year for the science fair I am designing a green doll house for my robot girl Lottie doll that has a working wind turbine, water collections system, green space, and working solar panel lights. I am using my snap circuits set to charge batteries with my turbine and solar cell to power the lights. The house is made from cardboard boxes.

I would love to send you photos when I am done.
I wish you would have had this toy for when I was in preschool, I would have loved it. I work with big tools now though, but will probably use the simple belt drive idea in my engineering contest this year at the science center. I am building a red planet rover out of coat hangers and other recycled materials that can has to do certain things like lift a lever, and draw an x.

I could really help you design things and come up with ideas for new toys if you want.

(This is my spring project (, not related, but just thought I would show you that too.)
posted by Allie, Sioux Falls SD on January 31, 2014