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Women engineers work every day to shape the future and make the world a better, cleaner, safer place.  These women are also actively involved in their communities, raising families, and enjoying all kinds of sports and hobbies. 

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  • Computer, Electrical Engineer
    Engineering Program Manager
    Heads Up Technologies
    Carrollton, TX, United States
    Shelley is a native Texan and graduated in 2005 with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Baylor University. She also has an identical twin sister who is a Software Engineer! Shelley has experience working in a variety of industries including business computing, medical devices, and ...
  • Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer
    Structural Engineer
    The Boeing Company
    St. Louis, MO, United States
    I am currently an Aerospace Engineer at The Boeing Company working in structural research and development. I have a bachelors in aerospace engineering from Purdue University and a masters in aerospace engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. I had an internship working on the KC135 in ...
  • Civil Engineer
    Technical Supervisor
    Southern California Gas
    Anaheim, CA, United States
    Hello! My name is Katrina Regan. I went to college at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2008. Going into college, I was convinced that I hated engineering and anything to do with it, and therefore declared my major as "Communications." I didn't really like math, but took ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    AG Consultink
    San Diego, Venezuela
    My name is Adriana Garcia, and my profession is Electrical Engineer, Power Systems .. I graduated 20 years ago in Venezuela, and since then I have worked in Distribution Systems of Electric Power. I have two daughters, and when they were small, I worked as a university instructor (Physics and ...
  • Software Engineer
    I'm a data scientist passionate to make an impact, PhD graduate from the MIT CSAIL lab, and active hacker in Natural Language Processing and Healthcare Informatics.
  • Chemical Engineer
    Assistant Professor
    Texas A&M University
    College Station, TX
    I am an assistant professor of chemical engineering at Texas A&M University. I do research in the areas of polymers, plastics, and materials for batteries. During the school year, I teach thermodynamics and an elective course on polymer engineering. My parents were scientists, so chemical ...
  • Civil Engineer
    Field Construction Engineer
    URS Corporation
    I graduated from the University of Southern California with my Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering back in 2009. I am a mother of 3 little ones. I faced many difficult life challenges in my pursuit of my degree and job. During the whole process of job hunting after college I got ...
  • Civil Engineer
    Civil Engineer
    US Army Corp of Engineers
    My name is Deborah Suazo-Davila. Yes, I have two last names because I'm Hispanic which means I speak Spanish + English. Also, I'm a Civil Engineer working for the US Army Corp of Engineers. Part of my expertise is maintenance and repair of bridges in addition to being certified as a bridge ...
  • Mechanical Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer
    The Walt Disney Company
    Orlando, FL, United States
    My name is Kim Masi and I've been working for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for about 2 and a half years now. I started as an intern in Engineering Services Resorts, where I learned a lot about how maintenance works on large scale resort hotels. For the last 2 years I've been working as an ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Electrical Engineer
    Creative Engineering...in progress
    Orange County, CA, United States
    Who I am: Liz-Hasbleydi Guzmán Maldonado De Langlois.  I am an independent fashion model with a background in engineering, and I am in the process of starting my own company (Aesthetics+Fashion+Technology)  :)  I am a renaissance woman or polymath. I have many talents ...
  • Special fields and Interdisciplinary Engineer
    Founder and CEO
    Toronto, Canada
    Dalia Asterbadi is a relentless problem solver. She has not been short of experience and achievement and began to prove her merit as early as when she was 8 years old, when she submitted her first marketing plan, managed a non--profit event at 12, led a team of marketers in one of Canada’s ...
  • Industrial Engineer
    Senior Industrial Engineer
    LTS Industrial Engineers LTD
    United Kingdom
    I am an Industrial Engineer from Trinidad and Tobago, but currently living and working in London UK with my husband. I have a passion for improvement and optimisation, but also enjoy sewing, and crafting. I've been degree certified since 2007 and am working on my Chartered Status. I am currently ...
  • Agricultural Engineer
    Irrigation System Engineer
    Frankfurt am main, Germany
    I studied Agricultural Engineering at the the Georgian Agricultural University with a scholarship from the state. I was also later nominated student council president at my faculty. In 2012 I created an innovation group about engineering named “Georgian Young Engineers”. We met once ...
  • Materials Engineer
    Process Engineer
    NC, United States
    Hey there! My name's Hannah! I graduated from the Missouri University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor's of Science in Metallurgical Engineering. Since graduating in 2010, I've worked for a company called ATI that makes titanium, nickel, and specialty steels for end markets like ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Postgraduate Student
    University of Surrey
    United Kingdom
    I am an Electrical Engineer with majors in Communication Systems. My research interests include Satellite Communication, Mobile Communication, Cryptography, Microwave Engineering, Nanotechnology and Quantum Engineering. I graduated with an Undergraduate degree in Engineering from National ...
  • Software Engineer
    Software Design Engineer in Test III
    Bellevue, WA
    I am a Software Design Engineer in Test working at Concur in Bellevue, Washington. I did my MS in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Software is a ubiquitous thing in the human world nowadays and my work is to test this software. As so many people use ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Sr. Engineer, Media Systems
    Industrial Light & Magic / Lucasfilm
    San Francisco, CA, United States
    Selma is a Sr. Engineer at a visual effects company called Industrial Light and Magic founded by George Lucas, the father of Star Wars. Selma's interest in art and technology lead her to a career in computer graphics and animation. She has studied mathematics and electrical engineering and has ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Electric Train Engineer
    MRT Corporation Malaysia
    Vanithashrree, who prefers to be called V, is a young and vibrant junior engineer working for the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation of Malaysia which is involved in the construction of a 3-line mass rapid transit system in the Greater Kuala Lumpur conurbation in Malaysia. V graduated from the ...
  • Software Engineer
    Software Engineer
    Raytheon Company
    MA, United States
    Paige Selby graduated from the University of Southern California with honors in 2012 with a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Paige is a Software Engineer at Raytheon in Boston, MA where she works on software development, verification, and validation for large-scale aerospace projects. ...
  • Solution Architect
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    I am a Venezuelan woman of almost 40 years old from a very traditional family. In fact, I am the second female engineer in a huge extended family where most of the members are women, and most of them work on sales or are teachers/professors. I studied engineering mainly because of my good ...
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