Master's in ME and Bachelor's in CS

Is it possible to pursue a Master in Mechanical Engineering after getting a Bachelor's in Computer Science?? If its not possible what will make it possible??
posted by Jaime, Denver on July 16, 2014

Answer by Dr. Michele Miller

Hi, Jaime.  It is possible but you will probably have to take several undergrad Mechanical Engineering (ME) courses in addition to the masters coursework.  The number of courses will depend on the grad school that you go to.  If you're still working on your CS degree or haven't started it yet, perhaps you can fit in some ME courses as electives.  When we accept students with non-ME degrees into the grad program at my school, we ask them to take undergrad ME courses such as Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Fluid Mechanics.  CS and ME are a great combination!  Do some checking around at prospective grad schools to see what they require.