Classes to choose to become an environmental engineer

Hi, I am Anindita! I have just finished my IGCSE exams and want to become an environmental engineer. To do so, will choosing physics, chemistry, biology and maths in my A levels work? Do I need mechanics?
posted by Anindita, Sylhet on July 8, 2014

Answer by Jennifer Oltman

Hi. These courses will suit you well for environmental engineering. I am not familiar with your curriculum requirements, however, in the States, I never took any mechanics based courses during University. All of my education was based around what you described: physics, chemistry, biology and maths. To achieve an environmental engineering degree from Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), I was required to take a great deal of chemistry and math courses. I would also recommend that you begin to think about a path of environmental engineering and your choices for study will become more clear. For example, as an environmental engineer, you can focus on remediation and contaminant transport, etc, which would be all chemistry.  I, however, focus more on streambank restoration, construction of dams and spillways, wetlands, etc. Therefore my profession is more hydraulic, or math, based. Thank you! Good Luck.