Hands On Work Post Graduation

Hi! I am an international student who moved to US to start my PhD program in biomedical engineering. However, as I've been looking at the job market for a PhD I realized most of the jobs are research or academia related. That's my problem! I don't want to end up a professor or a lead researcher somewhere as intriguing as it sounds I don't see it in me. I want to be able to conduct research in a team and join industry as soon as I graduate. So, since, I don't have a masters yet, I wanted to know how the job market is for a masters graduate and if I can find jobs easier with a masters rather than a PhD. Thanks.
posted by Fatemeh, Lexington on June 4, 2014

Answer by Jennifer Elisseeff

Dear Fatemeh,  

Thank you for your question.  In fact, now PhD students have more options than ever.  While some of my PhD students have gone on to be Professors, there are also graduates that have gone to law school, business consulting, industry.  You have hopefully learned skills of independence, critical thinking, and discipline during your PhD that is known and respected in a number of fields.  There is even a program for scientists at the State Department.  Your degree has given you a great background to start your career - whatever path you choose.  

Best regards, JE