Is chemical engineering a great option for me?

Hello, I just finished my 12th in UAE. I have heard that B.Tech chemical engineering has a great scope and I do not dislike the subject either but I would like to know what is the work really done by a chemical engineer. What post would I be first getting if I graduate as a chemical engineer and also what are the specializations in it. I have also heard that it involves working in industrial area which is not a good option for girls.

Secondly, if its not chemical engineering I was planning to study back in India but there is no chemical engineering option there. So I'll be left with either Computer engineering or Civil engineering. I am a math-bio student. Again I do not dislike these subjects but is confused to choose one. Computer since I know nothing about it and Civil because I heard that it would be outdoor work all the time and that it is hectic for girls.

Please go help me with the problems. I am really in a dilemma.
posted by xyz, United Arab Emirates on May 31, 2014

Answer by Dr. Surya Mallapragada

As a chemical engineer, you can work in a diversity of different fields- petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, food industry, semiconductor industry etc. to name a few. You can work in  a chemical plant as a process engineer, but you can also choose to work as a sales engineer, product engineer, in R&D etc. So there are a number of different kinds of opportunities available. And I am not sure about your comment about no chemical engineering option in India. You are clearly mistaken about that, as I studied chemical engineering in India, and there are several wonderful Universities and Institutes that offer degrees in chemical engineering.