Interesting Facts about Environmental Engineering

Hi! My name is Yanelly, and I love math and working with the environment. My teacher got me into Environmental Engineering, and I wanted to ask you: Could you inform me with interesting facts about Environmental Engineering? Anything that would convince me to continue looking forward for this career.
posted by Yanelly, La Joya on May 18, 2014

Answer by Dr. Eugenia Kalnay

I am an atmospheric scientist, and feel it is the most interesting and rewarding career. As you know, climate change is a most important danger facing humankind, together with the degradation of the environment due to over-exploitation of Nature and natural resources. As an environmental engineer you will be able to guide people towards reducing these dangers that past generations, including mine, have created. You might want to look at a paper on Human and Nature Dynamics (HANDY):

There are many more aspects of human interactions with the environment that are dealt by environmental engineering, and they all have an impact on the future of society.

With best wishes,

Eugenia Kalnay