What can I do in high school to impress a foreign university?

Hello, I am a student in Shanghai, China. Next year I will be in 10th grade, which is first year of high school in my country, second year in high school in the United States. I wish to get a college degree in chemical engineering in the US, and I have three years ahead to prepare for it.I am aware that good American colleges have very high expectations on foreign students, especially asians. So, besides getting very high grades on my courses, what else can I do to impress them?Thank you.
posted by Cheryl, Shanghai, China on April 5, 2014

Answer by Dr. Surya Mallapragada

In addition to grades, your SAT or ACT scores are important. If you have any significant extracurricular activities and/or leadership experiences, that would help as well to show the breadth of activities that you have been involved in, and to show that you are a well-rounded person. Good luck with your future career as a chemical engineer!