What if I don't make it?

Hi! :) My name is Yocelin and I'm interested in knowing more about engineering, since I'm planning to become one, one day.

I would like some advice about how to get there, because my biggest concern is, what if I fail? I say this because Math is not one of my strongest subjects, but I'm willing to work harder if necessary; I would like some help from experts that already know more about this field, I'll appreciate it.
Thank you
posted by Yocelin on March 10, 2014

Answer by Rachel Slabaugh

Hi Yocelin! I'm so glad you are interested in engineering! Being an engineer does require a lot of math, but more importantly it requires creativity and ingenuity. When you go through engineering school you will have teachers, professors, tutors, and even friends that can help you with any thing that you struggle with, and you will also have counselors that can help you choose the best path to take. There are so many different kinds of engineering, too! I'm an electrical engineer, but there is also computer engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, bio-medical engineering, and more! If you are feeling nervous the best thing to do is get involved. I was involved with a couple of engineering clubs and societies to help give me hands on experience and give me confidence. You can do it, Yocelin! :)