Do aerospace engineers build newer engines for space vehicles?

I'm a Freshman girl in the Engineering pathway in high school and i think i am interested in Aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering. I was wondering if Aerospace engineers work with building newer engines or power for space shuttles and/or rovers and such.
posted by Kai R on January 20, 2014

Answer by Dr Anne Spence

Hi, Kai!
Yes, aerospace engineers (as well as mechanical engineers) might work on building newer engines or power systems for space shuttles and/or rovers. AEs will probably do more with rocket engines or turbo-fan/turbo-prop/jet engines but MEs can play in that space as well. The lines are blurring on what constitutes an AE vs. a ME. The best news is that you think that both are cool! Either pathway will get you to where you want to be!

Good luck!