Is mechanical engineering a good choice for women?

I'm a 12th passed student and I'm looking forward for engineering admissions. I'm interested in mechanical engineering, but many of the people I speak to, except my elder brother, are demotivating me saying that this branch is not for girls. And many a times I'm told that I should do electronics and telecommunication engineering or try for any other branch. Please guide me as soon as possible in this regard.
posted by Anagha, maharashtra on June 30, 2013

Answer by Egirl Team

Hi Anagha,

My experience is not from India, but I firmly believe that mechanical engineering is a fantastic career for women.  Most mechanical engineers do not work in factories with heavy machinery as some people will tell you.  You may learn to use some machining equipment for building prototypes, but for many mechanical engineers that's actually a lot of fun.  Take a look at the Directory of Women Engineers to see a number of talented women working in all sorts of exciting engineering careers.  You can filter by career if you want to see just the mechanical engineers.