Imagine a class: where all the students are in different places - even different countries; where your history lesson about life in ancient Rome includes a virtual field trip to a street market beside the Coliseum; where your book report includes a video interview with the author. It may sound like science fiction, but it's not.

Engineers are helping to shape the future right now by developing new and exciting ways to use technology to help people learn.

Virtual reality and advanced training simulators have changed the way some people train for careers - astronauts, pilots, race car drivers, even doctors. New communication technologies are making it easier for people with different skills and knowledge to share information and become better at what they do.

  • Abby  Estabillo Posted on November 7, 2016 by Abby Estabillo
    Jodie Lutkenhaus

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  • Mavis Sika Okyere
    Pipeline Integrity Engineer
    Ghana National Gas Company Ltd
  • Azar Eslam-Panah
    Assistant Professor
    Penn State University
    PA, United States
  • Adriana Garcia
    AG Consultink
    San Diego, Venezuela
  • Caitlin   Coverstone Posted on April 9, 2014 by Caitlin Coverstone
     Discover Engineering during National Engineers Week
    National Engineers Week and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day are wonderful opportunities to share what you know about engineering and to learn about all the exciting options available.
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  • Christine Dent
    Business Development Engineer
    United Kingdom
  • Mayra Artiles
    Thermal Engineer for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    Ford Motor Company
    Canton, MI, United States
  • Claire Elliott
    Wake County Schools
  • Janet Tsai
    Instructor and Postdoctoral Researcher
    University of Colorado Boulder
    Boulder, CO, United States
  • Philippa Martin
    Associate Professor
    University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    New Zealand
  • Caitlin   Coverstone Posted on June 13, 2013 by Caitlin Coverstone
    An EngineerGirl Visits the National Academies
    A trip to the Washington, DC area gave one EngineerGirl a look behind the scenes at the National Academies.
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  • Summer Wagner
    Aerospace Engineer
    NASA Johnson Space Center - JETS Contract
    Pearland, TX, United States
  • Egirl   Team Posted on September 24, 2012 by Egirl Team
    Finding Scholarships
    There are many resources available to help you pay for college. The application process for scholarships is very similar to the process for applying to colleges. Here are some tips to help you get started.
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  • Egirl   Team Posted on September 24, 2012 by Egirl Team
    Planning for College
    Engineering is a challenging and rewarding career that requires a college education. Here are some tips to help you plan for college
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  • Egirl   Team Posted on August 22, 2012 by Egirl Team
    A Girl's Guide to Mentoring
    Having a mentor is a great help as you explore a career and plan for your future. Learn how to find mentors near you and see how they can help make all the difference.
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  • Khan Academy

    If you are having trouble understanding a concept in any of your classes, this is the place to go for help. You can watch videos and learn almost anything for free. The website aims to provide a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. You can just watch a few vidoes, or you can sign in to save your progress and earn digital badges to show your work. This is a resource that can help you through high school and all the way through your advanced engineering courses.

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  • Egirl   Team Posted on August 7, 2012 by Egirl Team
    Why Take Math in High School
    Do you want to travel to Mars?
    Design houses or create computer software?
    Do you want to discover a cure to cancer or protect rivers and oceans from pollution?
    If you do, be sure to take lots of math in school.
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  • Egirl   Team Posted on August 7, 2012 by Egirl Team
    Classes to Take in High School
    Engineering, like many rewarding careers, requires a college degree. Start planning now to take the kinds of classes in high school that will open the doors to a college education and great opportunities in the future.
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  • Egirl   Team Posted on July 26, 2012 by Egirl Team
    Math Survival Tips
    Some students absolutely love math, but others cringe at the thought. If your math classes have you worried, don’t take that to mean that you can never be an engineer.
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  • Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards
    Founder of home economics and First woman admitted to MIT
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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