Taneka Lawson

Taneka Lawson

Operations Industrial Engineer
United States Postal Service
Buffalo, NY, United States
Taneka Lawson
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Answers by Taneka Lawson

I wanted to be a Industrial Engineer because I liked making changes.  As a Industrial Engineer in industry you are seen as a change agent.  You will be responsible for maintaining, enhancing, and evaluating systems.  If you enjoy making changes, evaluating systems, and finding ways to keep a system in control then this field will be good for you.

The USPS will have openings posted on their website. They ask specific questions pertaining to industrial engineering KSA (knowledge, skill, and ability). When answering these questions then you must show your knowledge, skills, and industrial engineering abilities. I believe a week or two after the posting closed then I received a response from the USPS. Be your self and make sure you have examples that display your knowledge, skills, and abilities in industrial engineering.

I attended a technical high school and the majority of the students were in an applied science or math major. My friends and family didn't laugh when I told them that I wanted to be an engineer. Many people asked why I choose engineering and I told them because I liked science, math, and technology. Taneka Lawson