2012 Food Engineering Essay Contest

  • Elementary School (Grades 3-5)
    Other First Places
    Kimberly Klink
    First Place: Kimberly  Klink
    Grade 5 - (Arizona)
  • Other Second Places
    Adley Barham
    Second Place: Adley Barham
    Grade 3 - (Arkansas)
  • Other Third Places
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Zo Pancoast
    Honorable Mention: Zo  Pancoast
    Grade 4 - (California)
  • Other Finalists
    Ashna Bansal
    Finalist: Ashna  Bansal
    Apple Sauce: Journey from "Apple" to "Sauce"
    Grade 4 - (Wisconsin)
  • Josiah Cheng-Guajardo
    Finalist: Josiah  Cheng-Guajardo
    The Production of Spaghetti Sauce
    Grade 4 - (Louisiana)
  • Jay Davis
    Finalist: Jay  Davis
    The Engineering of Potato Chips
    Grade 5 - (Colorado)
  • Cailley Factor
    Finalist: Cailley  Factor
    Tools of a Tasty Trade: An Essay about Ice Cream Production and Engineering
    Grade 4 - (South Carolina)
  • Sarthak Kore
    Finalist: Sarthak  Kore
    Spaghetti Sauce
    Grade 3 - (Texas)
  • Daren Nerad
    Finalist: Daren  Nerad
    From Spuds to Chips
    Grade 4 - (Illinois)
  • Vanessa Ramirez
    Finalist: Vanessa  Ramirez
    Heaven in a Bowl
    Grade 5 - (North Carolina)
  • David Vallejo-Lozano
    Finalist: David  Vallejo-Lozano
    The Amazing World of Harry Potato
    Grade 3 - (Florida)
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)
    Other First Places
  • Other Second Places
    Calista Kub
    Second Place: Calista  Kub
    Grade 8 - (Colorado)
  • Other Third Places
    Allison Wakeland
    Third Place: Allison  Wakeland
    Grade 6 - (Missouri )
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Erin Austin
    Honorable Mention: Erin  Austin
    Grade 8 - (Virginia)
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Ramya Muthurkrishnan
    Honorable Mention: Ramya  Muthurkrishnan
    Grade 6 - (Pennsylvania)
  • Other Finalists
    Nonnie Bailey-Jones
    Finalist: Nonnie  Bailey-Jones
    Ice Cream
    Grade 7 - (Maryland)
  • Hannah Boardman
    Finalist: Hannah  Boardman
    How To Make Potato Chips
    Grade 7 - (Florida)
  • Stacey Edmonsond
    Finalist: Stacey  Edmonsond
    Engineers in the World of Peanut Butter Production
    Grade 7 - (Missouri)
  • Kelsey Halaschak
    Finalist: Kelsey  Halaschak
    Potato Chips: America's Favorite Snack
    Grade 7 - (Florida)
  • Jennifer Lanuza
    Finalist: Jennifer  Lanuza
    Peanut Butter: From the Fields to the Pantry
    Grade 8 - (Colorado)
  • Savannah Ney
    Finalist: Savannah  Ney
    The Making of Peanut Butter
    Grade 8 - (Maryland)
  • Claire Seiler
    Finalist: Claire  Seiler
    The Role of Engineers in the Production of Peanut Butter
    Grade 8 - (Ohio)
  • Reid Sheehan
    Finalist: Reid  Sheehan
    The Story of a Potato Chip
    Grade 7 - (Maryland)
  • Aditya Venkatesh
    Finalist: Aditya  Venkatesh
    Unraveling the Potential of Technology: Potato Chips
    Grade 8 - (New Jersey)
  • Shirley Zhang
    Finalist: Shirley  Zhang
    Ice Cream: A Treat Fit for a King
    Grade 8 - (Missouri)
  • High School (Grades 9-12)
    Other First Places
  • Other Second Places
    Rebecca Phaneuf
    Second Place: Rebecca  Phaneuf
    Grade 10 - (Virginia)
  • Other Third Places
    Grace Ying
    Third Place: Grace  Ying
    Grade 11 - (Florida)
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    RayLee Peterson
    Honorable Mention: RayLee  Peterson
    Grade 9 - (Maryland)
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Chet Seaman
    Honorable Mention: Chet  Seaman
    Grade 12 - (Florida)
  • Other Finalists
    Maitreyi Ashok
    Finalist: Maitreyi  Ashok
    Ice Cream: From Cow to Container
    Grade 9 - (California)
  • Ravina  Hingorani
    Finalist: Ravina  Hingorani
    Engineering Genuine Gelato
    Grade 11 - (Connecticut)
  • Minnika Hoggstrom
    Finalist: Minnika  Hoggstrom
    Engineering Applications: Manufacturing of the Potato Chip
    Grade 10 - (Armed Forces - Pacific)
  • Therese Kuhlman
    Finalist: Therese  Kuhlman
    Ice Cream: An Engineer's Role from the Cow to the Counter
    Grade 10 - (Iowa)
  • Sarah Long
    Finalist: Sarah  Long
    Peanut Butter: An American Staple
    Grade 11 - (North Carolina)
  • Tymber Long
    Finalist: Tymber  Long
    Engineering in Applesauce Production
    Grade 9 - (Nebraska)
  • Kelsey Maldonado
    Finalist: Kelsey  Maldonado
    Peanut Butter Production
    Grade 9 - (Florida)
  • Carly Mannino
    Finalist: Carly  Mannino
    Man Cannot Live By Bread; He Must Have Peanut Butter
    Grade 10 - (New York)
  • Alexis Musso
    Finalist: Alexis  Musso
    The Journey of Peanuts in the Peanut Butter Process
    Grade 12 - (Texas)
  • Chandler Powell
    Finalist : Chandler  Powell
    The Process of "Potato-Chipping"
    Grade 9 - (Florida)
  • Darien Santmyer
    Finalist: Darien  Santmyer
    Potato Chips: From the Ground to the Table
    Grade 9 - (Florida)
  • Megan Wagstaff
    Finalist: Megan  Wagstaff
    Sandwich Bread
    Grade 11 - (Idaho)
  • Connie Zhang
    Finalist: Connie  Zhang
    The Complexity of a Simple Dessert
    Grade 10 - (Ohio)