LaToya Eggleston

LaToya Eggleston

Software Engineer
Software Engineering Directorate
LaToya Eggleston
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Currently I serve as a Software Engineering Lead at the Software Engineering Directorate on Redstone Arsenal Military Base for two government programs.  I provide support to our customers and help develop working relationships with them in order to formulate proactive solutions for current and future needs.  I am able to coordinate with industry, users and other government entities to define requirements, develop capability assessments, and review schedule and performance matrices.  

Answers by LaToya Eggleston

What types of engineering careers are out there? There are many engineering careers out there; it just depends on what you are interested in. Engineers are in almost every field you can think about. You have Aerospace Engineers, Civil Engineers, Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Sales Engineers, Electrical Engineers Production Engineers, Safety Engineers, Software Engineers and many more. You need to decide what you want to do then narrow your search down with what types of engineers do that type of work. How much schooling does it take? Most engineering careers will take about four to five years of education. Sometimes, depending on what type engineering career you want to obtain, you may have to take some tests after completing your degree. How do you decided between opening up your own store, or going into engineering? Im not sure what type store you are trying to open, but if you are trying to open up your own engineering company I would recommend that you work in that industry first so that you can get familiar with what others may want from you once you go into business. Is it hard for an African American female to become a successful engineer? It is harder because you have two factors against you, you are a female and you are an African American. When coming out of school you will probably feel that you always have to prove yourself. Sometimes they dont listen to you so you have to speak up and make sure that you keep up with everything in your field that you need to know. You have to remember to not to be afraid to ask question and just make sure that you dont allow anyone to ignore you, stand out by doing more than you need to. Is it really worth it? If you want it, it is worth it! Go for what you want, but if it is not in your heart then find something else. Could I open up a business, and be an engineer? Like I stated before, you can open your own engineering firm but try to get some experience in the industry for about five years then try to go and open your business. What types of engineering would you suggest for a girl who likes poetry, playing instruments, figuring out problems, math, dancing, helping people, and having fun? You have just described me! There is nothing wrong with enjoying extra curricular activities but you are going to have to decide again what type of work would you like to do after school. Are you a hands on person? Do you like to sit in front of the computer all day? Would you like to see your work one day in downtown Atlanta or somewhere else? Or would you like to work around chemicals on aircrafts or in the medical field? You have to sit down and decide what do you want to wake up every morning doing and then research what type of engineer you would need to be.