Joining the Navy as a biomedical engineer

Hi, I am a junior in High School and will be graduating with my associates degree and high school diploma next year.

I am trying to figure what I engineering major I should do for my Bachelors, I want to go into the engineering field because I want to sign up with the Navy as an Officer (Which you need a bachelors degree for.)

My main dilemma is I want to become a Biomedical Engineer and like I said above I also have a dream of joining the Navy, but the Navy will not accept you into their engineering field with a Biomedical engineering degree. So I have to choose another branch of engineering to major in so I can join the Navy.

I've decided to minor in Biomedical engineering and later get a Masters in it, but what engineering field should I get my Bachelors in that would prepare me or be good with Biomedical engineering?

Thanks in advance for your help
posted by Lisa, Utah on January 1, 2013

Answer by Missy Cummings

The Navy's officer program will accept you if you already have a biomedical engineering degree into one of their direct entry programs (like Officer Candidate School), but if you want to go to college on a Navy scholarship, then they only provide scholarships for those areas they have the most need. I would recommend getting a mechanical engineering degree, which is one of these areas. Many people minor in biomedical fields while getting a BS in Mechanical Engineering,and there is a lot of overlap in topics. Good Luck!

Mary (Missy) Cummings
Director, MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory