Finding Scholarships

Egirl   Team Posted on September 24, 2012 by Egirl Team
Finding Scholarships

There are many resources available to help you pay for college. The application process for scholarships is very similar to the process for applying to colleges. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Plan ahead.
While you apply for many scholarships as a high school senior, those applications will look at your whole high school record. Be serious about your classes and don't wait until your junior or senior year to start thinking about college.

Get involved.
Grades are important, but many scholarship applications also ask for information about your extracurricular activities. Get involved with activities you enjoy and you'll have fun while you improve your chances of winning some scholarships. A church group, the school soccer team, even an after-school job are all activities that could go on your applications.

Take the lead.
Take advantage of online scholarship listings and other financial aid websites to identify scholarships that you might be eligible for. Waiting for someone else - a guidance counselor or teacher - to let you know about these kinds of awards could cause you to miss deadlines.

Start early.
Don't wait until the last minute to fill out applications and write essays. Keep track of deadlines and give yourself extra time to review, proof-read, and submit applications.

Keep looking.
Unless you've been awarded a full scholarship to the college of your choice, keep looking and applying for scholarships. After you've started college, there are scholarships for undergraduates, graduate students, and even returning students.

For more information you may want to review the College Affordability for Minority Students Guidebook posted by Accredited Schools Online.

And here are some scholarship resources that may be helpful to get you started.  

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