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Women engineers work every day to shape the future and make the world a better, cleaner, safer place.  These women are also actively involved in their communities, raising families, and enjoying all kinds of sports and hobbies. 

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  • Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer
    Structural Engineer
    The Boeing Company
    St. Louis, MO, United States
    I am currently an Aerospace Engineer at The Boeing Company working in structural research and development. I have a bachelors in aerospace engineering from Purdue University and a masters in aerospace engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. I had an internship working on the KC135 in ...
  • Civil Engineer
    Technical Supervisor
    Southern California Gas
    Anaheim, CA, United States
    Hello! My name is Katrina Regan. I went to college at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2008. Going into college, I was convinced that I hated engineering and anything to do with it, and therefore declared my major as "Communications." I didn't really like math, but took ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    AG Consultink
    San Diego, Venezuela
    My name is Adriana Garcia, and my profession is Electrical Engineer, Power Systems .. I graduated 20 years ago in Venezuela, and since then I have worked in Distribution Systems of Electric Power. I have two daughters, and when they were small, I worked as a university instructor (Physics and ...
  • Software Engineer
    I'm a data scientist passionate to make an impact, PhD graduate from the MIT CSAIL lab, and active hacker in Natural Language Processing and Healthcare Informatics.
  • Chemical Engineer
    Assistant Professor
    Texas A&M University
    College Station, TX
    I am an assistant professor of chemical engineering at Texas A&M University. I do research in the areas of polymers, plastics, and materials for batteries. During the school year, I teach thermodynamics and an elective course on polymer engineering. My parents were scientists, so chemical ...
  • Civil Engineer
    Field Construction Engineer
    URS Corporation
    I graduated from the University of Southern California with my Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering back in 2009. I am a mother of 3 little ones. I faced many difficult life challenges in my pursuit of my degree and job. During the whole process of job hunting after college I got ...
  • Civil Engineer
    Civil Engineer
    US Army Corp of Engineers
    My name is Deborah Suazo-Davila. Yes, I have two last names because I'm Hispanic which means I speak Spanish + English. Also, I'm a Civil Engineer working for the US Army Corp of Engineers. Part of my expertise is maintenance and repair of bridges in addition to being certified as a bridge ...
  • Mechanical Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer
    The Walt Disney Company
    Orlando, FL, United States
    My name is Kim Masi and I've been working for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for about 2 and a half years now. I started as an intern in Engineering Services Resorts, where I learned a lot about how maintenance works on large scale resort hotels. For the last 2 years I've been working as an ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Electrical Engineer
    Creative Engineering...in progress
    Orange County, CA, United States
    Who I am: Liz-Hasbleydi Guzmán Maldonado De Langlois.  I am an independent fashion model with a background in engineering, and I am in the process of starting my own company (Aesthetics+Fashion+Technology)  :)  I am a renaissance woman or polymath. I have many talents ...
  • Special fields and Interdisciplinary Engineer
    Founder and CEO
    Toronto, Canada
    Dalia Asterbadi is a relentless problem solver. She has not been short of experience and achievement and began to prove her merit as early as when she was 8 years old, when she submitted her first marketing plan, managed a non--profit event at 12, led a team of marketers in one of Canada’s ...
  • Industrial Engineer
    Senior Industrial Engineer
    LTS Industrial Engineers LTD
    United Kingdom
    I am an Industrial Engineer from Trinidad and Tobago, but currently living and working in London UK with my husband. I have a passion for improvement and optimisation, but also enjoy sewing, and crafting. I've been degree certified since 2007 and am working on my Chartered Status. I am currently ...
  • Agricultural Engineer
    Irrigation System Engineer
    Frankfurt am main, Germany
    I studied Agricultural Engineering at the the Georgian Agricultural University with a scholarship from the state. I was also later nominated student council president at my faculty. In 2012 I created an innovation group about engineering named “Georgian Young Engineers”. We met once ...
  • Materials Engineer
    Process Engineer
    NC, United States
    Hey there! My name's Hannah! I graduated from the Missouri University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor's of Science in Metallurgical Engineering. Since graduating in 2010, I've worked for a company called ATI that makes titanium, nickel, and specialty steels for end markets like ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Postgraduate Student
    University of Surrey
    United Kingdom
    I am an Electrical Engineer with majors in Communication Systems. My research interests include Satellite Communication, Mobile Communication, Cryptography, Microwave Engineering, Nanotechnology and Quantum Engineering. I graduated with an Undergraduate degree in Engineering from National ...
  • Software Engineer
    Software Design Engineer in Test III
    Bellevue, WA
    I am a Software Design Engineer in Test working at Concur in Bellevue, Washington. I did my MS in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Software is a ubiquitous thing in the human world nowadays and my work is to test this software. As so many people use ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Sr. Engineer, Media Systems
    Industrial Light & Magic / Lucasfilm
    San Francisco, CA, United States
    Selma is a Sr. Engineer at a visual effects company called Industrial Light and Magic founded by George Lucas, the father of Star Wars. Selma's interest in art and technology lead her to a career in computer graphics and animation. She has studied mathematics and electrical engineering and has ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Electric Train Engineer
    MRT Corporation Malaysia
    Vanithashrree, who prefers to be called V, is a young and vibrant junior engineer working for the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation of Malaysia which is involved in the construction of a 3-line mass rapid transit system in the Greater Kuala Lumpur conurbation in Malaysia. V graduated from the ...
  • Software Engineer
    Software Engineer
    Raytheon Company
    MA, United States
    Paige Selby graduated from the University of Southern California with honors in 2012 with a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Paige is a Software Engineer at Raytheon in Boston, MA where she works on software development, verification, and validation for large-scale aerospace projects. ...
  • Solution Architect
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    I am a Venezuelan woman of almost 40 years old from a very traditional family. In fact, I am the second female engineer in a huge extended family where most of the members are women, and most of them work on sales or are teachers/professors. I studied engineering mainly because of my good ...
  • Electrical Engineer
    Principal Optical Engineer
    QD Vision
    Lexington, MA, United States
    I'm the Principal Optical Engineer at QD Vision, a startup in Lexington, Massachusetts. My company makes quantum dots, and we were the first company to put the beautiful colors of quantum dots into TVs (made by Sony) that are sold around the world and have won many prizes! I work on optical designs ...
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